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If you live in the constituency and would like to Click here contact me, please click the appropriate button above or on the e-mail address below.

Through this page you should be able to find out a lot of information about me, what makes me tick and my views on many things.

You can also read my thoughts on the current issues of the day on my blog by clicking here: http://daventrycalling.livejournal.com/ .

If you are here to find out more about how I am trying to change the Government's policy on wind energy, please click here: http://daventrycalling.livejournal.com/tag/wind and join the national grassroots campaign against onshore wind here: http://www.togetheragainstwind.com/

I am also trying to change the Government's attitude to the European Court of Human Rights. Please find out more here: http://www.makinghumanrightswork.org.uk/

You will also be able to find out details of my expenses and who is buying me lunch on this other blog! Click here to see my expenses so far: http://chhexpenses.blogspot.com/

I put all details of what I have spent, what I have claimed and what I could have claimed on my blog in a rolling fashion and some other information that I don't have to declare!

Currently I am working with a number of local communities, helping them to fight both wind-farm proposals and unwanted development being foisted upon them by developers and energy companies using out of date "old Labour" targets. My other campaigns include trying to change the way the NHS deals with the issues around stillbirth and helping to get the operation named "selective dorsal rhizotomy" provided for those that need it free of charge across the NHS. You can find out more about these campaigns on my blog.

I regularly host or attend "open meetings" where you can meet me in person. You'll find details of these on my "Get Involved" page.

I will be holding regular "surgeries" and if you would like to meet me at one of these, please call 0207-219-7048 and we'll book you in. I hold surgeries the last  Friday of every month in Daventry at "Advice Daventry" and every three months in Earls Barton and Brixworth. I also hold "drop in" meetings in free spins other villages across the constituency.

I'm also out campaigning regularly. If you'd like to join me out on the streets of the constituency, either canvassing or delivering leaflets, please either call me on 01604-859721 or send an e-mail to me at chris.heatonharris.mp@parliament.uk

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